Radio News: Turning the dial in Ukraine gives two different stories

May 30, 2022 11:33 pm

France 24 reports about civilians hiding in basement bomb shelters in besieged Ukrainian cities such as Lysychansk, where they rarely see the sun and mostly rely on the radio for information. And just what channel is tuned in makes all the difference. "The Russians on the radio just said that they have captured Bakhmut. Is that true?" Natalia Georgiyevna anxiously asked about a nearby city. "We do not really know anything," her neighbour Viktoria Viktorovna responds from a corner cot positioned just outside a beam of light that's the only brightness in the dank cellar. "I guess we still have the Ukrainians here, no?" she asks, as unidentified voices on the radio fade in and out. "The Russians are saying they are winning and the Ukrainians are saying they are," Natalia Georgiyevna said. "When we still had the internet, we could watch the news. But now... I have no idea who these voices are or where they come from."