OPEN CALL: Video for FO A RM Festival of Sound & Video

Oct 13, 2006 6:43 pm
We are presenting the FO A RM Festival of Sound & Video at the Portland Art Center. Featuring critically acclaimed electro-acoustic composer Olivia Block, local avant-folk accordionist Luc, and ethereal noise trio Borborygmus (Jonathan Sielaff/David Hirvonen/Jean-Paul Jenkins), along with a screening of abstract video curated by Morgan Currie and an ongoing barrage of video installations, ranging from the visual and conceptual to the non-linear and fragmentary. We are seeking single or multi-channel video work to be displayed throughout the performance space on television monitors. The work should be visually arresting, primarily silent (or adaptive to headphones) and will loop continuously throughout the evening. Abstract, fragmentary and non-narrative work is welcomed. While showing national and international artists, we will feature Portland-based artists. Local video-makers will be asked to supply their own technical requirements - monitor(s), dvd player(s), power-strip, etc. - and install their own work on the afternoon of the event.

Please send a dvd, display requirements and artist’s resume
(TO BE RECEIVED BY NOV. 1st, 2006) to:
Seth Nehil
4605 NE 13th Ave.
Portland, OR 97211