free103point9 Online Radio April Top 40

Apr 07, 2007 7:36 pm
free103point9 Online Radio

1. Ting Ting Jahe, 18(16) (Winds Measure Recordings)
2. Various artists, Selections from Peter Stuyvesant's Ghost (free103point9). With Michelle Nagai, Edmund Mooney, Andrea Polli, Mike Hallenbeck, Ryan Holsopple, Renee Ridgway, Jonathan Zalben, Hanneke de Feijter, Saskia Janssen, Kaisu Koski, and others.
3. Andy Graydon, At Bay (Winds Measure Recordings)
4. William Parker + Hamid Drake, First Communion/Piercing the Veil 2xCD (Aum Fidelity)
5. USA Is A Monster + Mudboy/USA Is A Monster + Kites, split CD (self)
6. The Dust Dive Flash, Tens of Thousands (free103point9 Audio Dispatch 029)
7. MPLD, Lapse Phaser (self)
8. Mike Tamburo and His Orchestra, Ghosts of Marumbey (New American Folk Hero)
9. (), "Autecicadas/ocean_db_crash_nue" 7" (
10. Parts & Labor, Escapers One (Broklyn Beats)
11. John Morton, Solo Traveler (innova)
12. Mudboy, LP Bootleg(
13. Mouthus, For the Great Slave Lakes (Threelobed)
14. Ignaz Schick + Jorg Maria Zeger + Burkhard Beins with Keith Rowe and with Charlwmagne Palestine, Perlonex Tensions (Nexsound)
15. Total Life, "A Thousand Lights/Peaks" 12" (Animal Disguise)
16. Ganelin Trio Priority, Live at the Lithuanian National Philharmony Vilnius 2005 (Nemu Records). With Vyacheslav Ganelin + Petras Vysniauskas + Klaus Kugel.
17. Gay Bomb/Ironing split LP (Hymn)
18. Kotra & Zavoloka, Wag the Swing (
19. ZMF Trio, Circle the Path (Drip Audio)
20. Matt Weston, Rashaya (7272 Music)
21. Jonas Braasch, Global Reflections (Deep Listening)
22. Matt Weston, Resistance Cruisers 3" CD (7272 Music)
23. Wether, Skin Atonement (Hymn)
24. Eric Carbonara, Seven Pieces for Solo Guitar (Nada Sound Studio)
25. Steve Stoll, Earthling (self)
26. Edmund Mooney, Happy Trails (self)
27. mirror/dash, "i can't be bought" (Threelobed)
28. Gratkowski + Fox + Menestres + Davis, ORM (Umbrella Recordings)
29. Various artists, Ghost Busters III (Record Label Records). Features Fluorescent Grey, Sote, Tomoroh Hidari, and others.
30. Felix Werder, electronic music (Pogus)
31. Sixes, Cursed Beast (enterruption)
32. Dave Krejci, The Cleophone (New American Folk Hero)
33. Ironing, Plays His First Birthday Party (Hymns)
34. Jesse Zubot, Dimensia (Drip Audio)
35. Various artists, The Art of the Virtual Rhythmicon (Innova). With Jeff Feddersen, Matthew Burtner, Janek Schaefer, Annie Gosfield, and others.
36. Phantom Limb & Tetuzi Akiyama, Hot Ginger (Archive). Recorded June, 2006 at free103point9 Project Space in Brooklyn.
37. Eloe Omoe, marauders (Animal Disguise)
38. Various artists, Less Self is More Self: A Benefit for Tarantula Hill (Ecstatic Peace). Includes LoVid, Chris Corsano, Burning Star Core, Lee Renaldo, Talibam!, Maria Chavez, Mark Morgan, To Live and Shave in L.A., Mouthus, Nautical Almanac + Leslie Keffer, and others.
39. Layne Garrett, The Lost Spaces Reconstructed (sockets)
40. Jeffrey Roden, seeds of happiness part 1 (The Big Tree Music)
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