Deep Wireless Day Two: Gregory Whitehead

May 30, 2009 12:57 pm

Gregory Whitehead gave the keynote presentation to kick off day two of the "Radio Without Boundaries" conference, and excrement was the theme. After warming up the crowd with a few vocal exercises, his, uh, disembodied voice exposed the current excremental culture through Laura Vitale's hilarious Mariah Carey rendering, with a spy numbers station as the main metaphor for the cultural toilet, or William S. Burroughs talking orifice. As always, Whitehead provides fascinating radio art for thought. The discussion afterwards, though slow to percolate, got going with a lively discussion of what part, if any, of the self is transmitted, with Anna Friz and Whitehead disagreeing slightly, and Brandon LaBelle and Christophe Migone adding much to the discussion.