Radio Revolten

Sep 27, 2006 4:18 am
RadioREVOLTEN opened a few days ago (Sept. 20) and continues gathering radio artists (including free103point9 Transmission Artist Anna Friz) and projects in Germany through Oct. 21.

The conference, "showcases installations, performances, and on-air projects as models of experimental radio cultures within a social context. The artistic works concern themselves primarily with the future of the medium of radio," says the web site. "The goal of RadioREVOLTEN is to develop models of a new artistic appropriation of the medium of radio, to present these within in the framework of the exhibition, and to test them within the programming of Radio Corax. The Relating Radio conference also offers a forum for theoretical and aesthetic contributions. Together, the exhibition and conference seek to provide the impulse to seriously rethink the medium of radio."

Friz's "You Are Far From Us: solo for 4 transmitters and 50+ receivers" takes place Oct. 3. Friz writes, "The radio of the present is filled with reports of the dead. Rather than dream again of the radio transmitting messages from those who have passed away, what communication might we be missing from those living around us? What nearly inaudible signals, transmitted in moments of intensity, crisis, or near death, might we hear if the radio was tuned to hear? What do people seek to transmit, in a moment between the intake of breath and the breath held, waiting, in tension? You Are Far From Us reflects the mortal dreams of radio, where union with others may be impossible, but where the radio could nonetheless have a potential for conscience and consciousness. This is a search for a poetics of radio, made of intimate sounds revealed, performed by a chorus of receivers." Her presentation is co-produced by free103point9. Friz gratefully acknowledges the support of the Canada Council for the Arts.
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