Paper imagines future radio wars

Dec 02, 2015 11:24 pm
Bryan Clark and Mark Gunzinger from the Center for Strategic and Budgetary Assessments released their paper "Winning The Airwaves: Sustaining America’s Advantage In The Electronic Spectrum" Dec. 1, warning that America's military frontier will move from radio-controlled drones to jamming radio signals. The paper says the U.S. and Russia are both concerned with blocking radio signals, with future drones used to launch jamming or hacking attacks. As enemies get their own radio-controlled devices, the U.S. will need to use radio technologies to disable those enemy drones. “The U.S. military could shift toward using unmanned vehicles or expendable payloads that emit low-power jamming noise in the [radio frequency] spectrum … or dazzling [electro-optical / infrared sensors] or narrowly focused radar beams to establish accurate targeting information for attacks,” the authors write. Drones will also be used as decoys to draw enemy fire and discover enemy positions, and cruise missiles will launch hacks and bomb radio signals with static. Light Detection and Ranging lasers, or LIDAR, will become a more sophisticated version of radar, detecting where radio signals come from. So television and radio transmitters will become targets in Clark's and Gunzinger's predicted future.