OPEN CALL: Call for papers, "Networks, Identities and Experiences"

Mar 02, 2007 5:43 am
Westminster Papers in Communication and Culture call for papers. The growing interest in community media research and practice in the last decade has been reflected by the increase in academic publications and in the number of broadcasting stations. Both scholars and practitioners have emphasized the role of community broadcasting as either an alternative or complementary sector to public and commercial stations and as a tool for enacting citizenship on a daily basis, ‘giving voice to the voiceless’, empowering marginalised groups and regenerating communities.

At the same time, technological changes in production processes, a wider availability of affordable digital technologies and a growing use of internet as a platform for broadcasting, have permitted an exponential increase in the numbers of web-based broadcasters, communicative tools for communities of interest and the exchange of content among radio stations across the world, often linking local issues to wider global social and political concerns.

Nevertheless, the influence of mainstream broadcasters on media policymaking and regulation, coupled with the organisational challenges often faced by community groups and their representative bodies, have often resulted in legislation that still limits the communicative potential of community radio and its contribution to social change, access, participation and representation in the media.

WPCC is looking for original, research-based papers that will contribute to broaden the theoretical and empirical perspectives in community radio from a range of disciplinary approaches. Approaches in Media, Communication and Cultural Studies, as well as in the wider fields of the humanities, social and applied sciences.

WPCC welcomes analyses of local, regional and national case studies, and international comparative research, as well as contributions on policy-making and regulation for community radio. Possible topics include, but are not limited to:

- Media Theory, Radio Theory and Community Radio;
- Community Radio as a tool for encouraging democratic participation and activism and access to local public spheres.
- Community Radio as a tool for development and social change; for promoting and preserving local identities and local cultures; giving voice to ethnic minorities, diasporic groups and refugees; and regenerating communities;
- International/ National Policy and Regulation of Community Radio;
- Community Radio organization, decisional processes and democratic structures;
- Audience and reception studies;
- Transnational networks, infrastructures and institutions developing community radio practices;
- Community radio and media literacy;
- University, College, School and Student Radio

Applicants may submit abstracts of no more than 200 words to the Issue’s Editor Salvatore Scifo at scifos@westminster. The deadline for the submission of abstracts is Friday 1st June 2007. Submission of articles will be by Wednesday 31st October 2007.

Further information, as well as previous issues of WPCC, can be downloaded by visiting the journal’s website at:
http://www.wmin. page-880