free103point9 on WRPI

Oct 17, 2007 5:44 am
free103point9's Tom Roe appeared on Norman Keyser's "In Progress/Left of the Dial" show on WRPI (91.5-FM) in Troy, New York two recent Mondays from 10 a.m., playing a variety of transmission art, Wave Farm performances, and other recordings. Here are the playlists:

Oct. 1, 2007
Transmaniacon MC, "Radio4" from Radio Action I
Tom Roe, "Tropospheric Wave" from forthcoming The Worst Hour of the Year
Dymaxion, "The Haunted Radio" from Radio Action I
Radio Ruido, "False Rosetta" 7"
Melissa Dubbin + Aaron S. Davidson, "Every Spy Has Their Numbers" from Radio Action I
The Dust Dive, "Postcards of Real Worlds" from forthcoming Claws of Light
Tom Roe, "Superfund Stories" for The FM Ferry Experiment
Michelle Nagai, "Soundwalking at Night through milkweed Au Grand Bois, Quebec, Summer 2002" from Tune(In)))
Neptune, "Marconi's Belief" from Radio Action I
Gregory Whitehead, "Song for a Headless Apache" from Songs for coverage of RNC 2004 protests
United States of Belt, "Ping Pong Holiday" from Ping Pong Holiday

Oct. 15, 2007
Melissa Dubbin, "Music from the First Karate Lesson" from Dado Blade
Matt Mikas, "Silent Weapon Technology" from Interactive Audio Response Kit
Matt Mikas + Brad Truax + Tony Flynn + Jeremy Glover, "Orifice of Strategic Information" from Radio Action I
Latitude/Longitude, "Solar Filters" 7"
The Dust Dive, "Cut the Day with a Steak Knife" from Claws of Light
The Dust Dive Flash, "Can't Stop This Feeling" from Tens of Thousands
Matt Bua + Matt Mikas + Tom Roe, "Dub The Bridge"
Stars Like Fleas, "Hoax Head" from The Ken Burns Effect
Stars Like Fleas, "Karma's Hoax" from The Ken Burns Effect
Sabers, "Bene Gesserit" from Radio Action II
Stars Like Fleas, "Early Riser" from The Ken Burns Effect
Tom Roe + Kelly Benjamin, "New York Rebuilds" from Constructive Engagement
Sybarite, "Secropia" from Tune(In)))
Radio 4x4: Gabriel Burh-Murian + David Matorin + David Galbreath + Andrew Neumann
Michelle Nagai, "Drone in key of d 60 bmp" for Scape 2
Scanner, "ElectroPollution" from Tune(In))) The Kitchen
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