Take me to Monkey Town

Dec 06, 2006 6:17 am
From Rhizome:
Brooklyn's Monkey Town is a one-of-a-kind venue presenting the interactive installations, video, music, and performance work of international artists in a multi-channel environment. The venue stays afloat by doubling as a highly-regarded restaurant, making the pleasure of spectatorship all the more synesthetic. Recently, this artist-run space encountered financial difficulties and a community of New York artists responded immediately, helping them face the threat of closure by organizing a massive new media holiday party. For one night only, Monkey Town will take over Greenpoint's Polish-American Discotheque, Europa, to present performances by quasi-animatronic pop star My Robot Friend, computer vision maestro Golan Levin, and the always hilariously poignant stylings of Dynasty Handbag. The December 7th event will be emceed by Nicklcat and will also feature DJing by No Ordinary Monkey and live video performances by Luke Dubois, Adam Kendall, Ray Sweeten, and others at the forefront of New York's contemporary audio-visual art scene. The party runs from 8pm-2am and tickets are $12-20. - Marisa Olson