free103point9 Online Radio November top 40

Nov 13, 2006 4:47 am
free103point9 Online Radio
November 2006 Top 40

1. North Guinea Hills, North Guinea Hills et. al. (self)
With Patrick McCarthy, Michael Garafalo, Laura Harrison, Sean Smith, and others.
2. Charter Oak, three song CD (self)
With Tianna Kennedy, Brendon Anderegg, Chris Millstein, Lucas Jansen, and Rob Hatch-Miller.
3. Pauline Oliveros, Lion's Eye/Lion's Tale (Deep Listening)
4. Sybarite, Cut Out Shape (Temporary Residence)
5. Edmund Mooney, Happy Trails (self)
6. Dave Burrell, Momentum (High Two)
7. Giancarlo Bracchi, Universal Soul Adaptor (self)
8. ben owen, radio in (Winds Measure Recordings)
9. Mammal, "No Hope/In the Mood" 7" (Chondritic Sound)
10. Sonic Liberation Front, Change Overtime (High Two)
11. Todd Merrell, Neptune (Dreamland Recordings)
12. Sabir Mateen's Shapes, Textures, and Sound Ensemble, Prophecies Comes to Pass (577)
13. Jonny Farrow, Suite for Broken Rhodes/Sketches of a Cleaning Building (self)
14. DJ Slip, She's a Time Traveller (Broklyn Beats)
15. Mammal, Let Me Die (Animal Disguise)
16. Jeph Jerman + Albert Casais, and this (Winds Measure Recordings)
17. Fluorescent Grey, Lying on the floor mingling with god in a tijuana motel room next door to a veterinary supply store (Isolate Records)
18. Lycaon Pictus, Personal Disaster (Avant-God)
19. Jeff Rehnlund, our thin mercy of error (self)
20. Scanner with MCs from the New Horizon Youth Centre, Night Jam (Bette)
21. Juan Matos Capote, the subway aural recordings (self)
22. Viki, compilation (Animal Disguise)
23. Jeff Arnal + Gordon Befferman, Rogue States (Generate)
24. Judy Dunaway, Mother of Balloon Music (innova)
With Damian Catera, Flux Quartet, Ryuko Mizutani, and others.
25. Prana Trio, After Dark (Circavision)
26. Various artists, Montreal Sound Matter/Montreal matiere sonore (Pogus) With Chantal Dumas, Tomas Phillips, Francisco Lopez, and others.
27. Edmund Mooney, The Eight Nerve (self)
28. Sic Alps, Pleasures and Treasures (Animal Disguise)
29. Shawn Onsgard, Pachyderm (self)
30. Peeesseye, commuting between the surface & the underworld (Evolving Ear)
31. John Blum Astrogeny Quartet, John Blum Astrogeny Quartet (Eremite)
With William Parker, Denis Charles, and Antonio Grippi.
32. Fortner Anderson + tape/head, he sings (Wired on Words)
33. Sybarite, Remix/Mash-up for Temprary Residence Fest at Bowery Ballroom (Temporary Residence)
34. Andy McWain + Albey Balgochian + Laurence Cook, Vigil (Fuller Street Music)
35. Zavoloka versus Kotra, To Kill the Tiny Groove Cat (self)
36. George Steeltoe Ensemble, Church of Yuh (Heat Retention)
With Michael Barker, Daniel Carter, Thomas Clark, Jay Dunbar, Lathan Hardy, Trevor Healy, Brian Osborne, Jeffrey Hayden Shurdut, and Marc Zajack.
37. Michael Evans + Jeff Arnal, MEJA (C3R)
38. Andrey Kiritchenko, Stuffed With/Out (self)
39. Crude, five song CD (self)
40. Kidd Jordan + Hamid Drake + William Parker, Palm of Soul
(Aum Fidelity)

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