66 illegal FM radio stations closed in NWFP in Pakistan

Nov 13, 2006 7:31 pm
From the Pakistani propaganda department via Pakistan Daily Times:
Peshawar: Javed Iqal, Pakistan Electronic Media Regulation Authority (PEMRA) regional general manager, said on Sunday that 66 illegal FM radio stations had been shut down while efforts to close 22 more were being made in NWFP. He said PEMRA gave the police a list of 88 illegal FM radio stations and 55 of them had been closed in the first phase of the operation while 11 were closed in the second stage. Iqbal said most religious organisations were cooperating with PEMRA and had closed their illegal radio stations when they were told about its harmful effects, which included hurdles in the country’s satellite system. He said PEMRA acted only against those organisations who did not cooperate with the authority. He said all the FM radios operated by a particular religious organisation in Malakand were also closed. Iqbal said the transmitters and machineries of all stations closed in Mardan, Swabi and Charsadda districts had been taken into official custody. Seventeen FM station licenses had been issued in four phases in various districts of the NWFP, he said. app