free103point9 summer events at Wave Farm

Jun 16, 2007 4:21 am

Tune in or turn out to Wave Farm events this summer

July 7: Tune (Out)))side
Over 30 performers playing into FM transmitters

July 21: Summer Winds
Artists using air or wind in performances.

Aug. 3-5: Campfire Sounds
Weekend avant-folk festival with camping.

Aug. 25: Animals
Performers using "animals" as a theme.

Oct. 13: Radio Festival
Unique radio art performances.

At all performances:

Wave Farm Transmission Sculpture Garden

Inaugural installations by Matt Bua and Jeff Feddersen. Special Wave Farm installations for 2007: Works by LoVid, Douglas Repetto, Michelle Rosenberg, Tianna Kennedy and Tarikh Korula, and Giancarlo Bracchi.

More details below.

Wave Farm
free103point9 Wave Farm
5662 Route 23
Acra, NY 12405
(518) 622-2598

free103point9 Wave Farm is located on 30 pastoral acres in the northern foothills of Catskill Mountain Park, 120 miles north of New York City. The property features ponds, meadows, walking paths through a mature pine forest, and mountain views. Situated within the spectacular Hudson Valley, Wave Farm programs include artist residencies, a study center, a transmission sculpture garden, and a performance and exhibition series.

The Wave Farm Transmission Sculpture Garden provides a unique opportunity for artists to conceive of and realize a long-term outdoor transmission-based installation open to the public in a retreat-like rural setting. Artists are invited to submit proposals for sculptural works that incorporate the transmission spectrum in concept or practice. Artists are encouraged to consider recycled materials in their work and utilize renewable energy sources (if power is required). Works will be installed within the 15-acre evergreen forest, situated throughout already the established
walking paths, at Wave Farm. Coinciding with free103point9 tenth anniversary celebration, free103point9's Transmission Sculpture Garden will open July 7, 2007, with inaugural installations by Jeff Feddersen and Matt Bua.

Jeff Feddersen: EarthSpeaker
EarthSpeaker is an installation of multiple units of an outdoor sonic sculpture. Each unit is a large, solar-powered, electro-acoustic speaker, which absorbs sunlight during the day and emits low frequency sounds at dusk.

Matt Bua: Sing Sun - Room
Sing Sun - Room is a customized extension built onto an existing mobile home located on the Wave Farm property. This gazebo-like structure harnesses natural elements (wind, water, and solar) to create a site-specific installation where live-sound is composed based on the surrounding environmental conditions.

LoVid, "7105"
The earthwork, "7105," is a large-scale planting of the self-seeding annual Radio Calendula. These orange quill-like flowers bloom from early summer until frost and are positioned so to create the numbers 7105, which become visible from from the birds-eye vantage point of the Wave Farm Study Center.

Douglas Repetto, "puff bang reverb"
"puff bang reverb" is a kinetic sculpture and semiaccurate, two-dimensional hyper-zoom, which exposes the secret life of displaced air molecules. "puff bang reverb" was originally commissioned by Festival Rümlingen 2005 and recently re-installed for the exhbition [silence], 2007, co-organized by free103point9 at Gigantic ArtSpace in Manhattan.

Michelle Rosenberg, "Auricle"
"Auricle" is a mobile parabolic sound reflector. It amplifies the Wave Farm waterfall to listeners standing in the focus point of the curve with adjustable plastic semi-spheres that include openings for ear placement.

"free103point9: Selected Works"
A video compilation featuring selected recordings from ten years of free103point9 archives. Compiled and edited by Giancarlo Bracchi.

Tianna Kennedy and Tarikh Korula, "Restored Archeoacoustic Recording Kit and Documentation"
Restored recording stylus, circa 1930. Kennedy and Korula performed a series of experiments in Red Hook Brooklyn (Winter 2007). Archeoacoustic research is concerned with extraction of historic, environmental sound from found objects. Exhibited in [silence], Gigantic ArtSpace, 2007.

July 7, 2007 : 3pm - 9pm
$5 admission
This outdoors variation of free103point9's Tune(In))) event features artists playing directly into five FM transmitters at free103point9's Wave Farm. No sound is amplified. Attendees tune in with radio headphones as they explore 30 acres of meadows, forests, and ponds.

Streamed live on free103point9 Online Radio.

CHANNEL ONE (entrance stage)
Marina Rosenfeld
Todd Merrell
Chris Forsyth
Matt Bua
Edmund Mooney + Jonny Farrow
Marievel Knievel
Mara Barenbaum

CHANNEL TWO (under large tree in the forest)
ben owen is curating this channel.
Gill Arno
Richard Garet
Scott Allison
Andy Graydon
ben owen
Michael Farley
Andy Hayleck

CHANNEL THREE (stage near the ponds)
Giancarlo Bracchi is curating this channel.
Elliot Sharp
Blues Control
QXW: Ron Rosenmon + Kyle Lapidus
Giancarlo Bracchi + Juan Matos Capote

Radio Ruido
Tom Roe
Tianna Kennedy
Sarah Margaret Halpern
John Morton
Oh My Fucking God: Jamie from Bunnybrains with Shemika Moody

"free103point9: Selected Works"
A video compilation featuring selected recordings from ten years of free103point9 archives. Compiled and edited by Giancarlo Bracchi.

July 21, 2007 : 1pm - 8pm
$5 admission

Artists using wind instruments, breath, or air. Performances will take place throughout Wave Farm, both in the fields near Wave Farm's ponds, and in the forest. Free jazz, sound art, installations and other forms of wind will blow.

Audio and video web streams for this show available at

Performers include:

Tintinnabulate - an ensemble of improvising artists founded by Pauline Oliveros at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in 2005. Performers often include Jonas Braasch, Alex Chechile, Pauline Oliveros, Elizabeth Panzer, Charles Veasey, Jefferson Pitcher, C. Ryder Cooley, Mike Bullock, Dan Valente, and Bart Woodstrup. The lineup for this show is not yet set.

Stars Like Fleas (Brooklyn) - In contrast to similarly free-mindedgroups currently fusing folk, noise, electronics, and as in the works of Marcel Dzama (who created the cover art for their last record) Stars Like Fleas stands out for the delicate way they commingle the disturbing, harsh and confrontational with something undeniably direct, sincere, silly, joyous and unashamedly romantic. Their set will play to the theme of wind and air.

Hassay, DeChellis, Nakatani Trio
- Gary Hassay (sax) + Dan DeChellis (piano, synth) + Tatsuya Nakatani (percussion).

Sparkle Projects - Members of the Gold Sparkle Band, with special guests.

DizzySparkle - Tom Roe with members of the Gold Sparkle Band.

Kenta Nagai + Michelle Nagai

Christopher McIntyre and others. - "Simultaneous installation-style solo and ensemble performances scattered around Wave Farm."

ugust 3, 2007 : 5pm - August 5, 2007 : 1pm
Camp overnight for $18. $7 admission.

free103point9's Campfire Sounds is a two-day avant folk festival on 30 acres at free103point9's Wave Farm in upstate New York. Enjoy views of the Catskill Mountains with ponds, streams, fields, and forests. Food/beverages sold. This year will be the third annual Campfire Sounds show at Wave Farm.

Streamed live on free103point9 Online Radio.

6-9 p.m.

DJ Dizzy

Mike Tamburo (PA)

Coal Hook
Featuring Ron Schneiderman (of Sunburned Hand of the Man, Aethr Myth'd, Massachusetts) and Jørgen Teller (Belgium).


Shawn Onsgard (Brooklyn)

Kim Cascone (California)

Sunburned Hand of the Man (MA)

MV & EE with the Golden Road (Vermont)

Samara Lubelski (NYC)

Franklin Mint (Ulster County, NY)
Phil Franklin of Sunburned Hand of the Man plus others.

Dan Matz (Philadelphia)
Matz is a member of Windsor for the Derby.

The Dust Dive Flash (Laura Ortman, Brooklyn)

The Dust Dive (Brooklyn)

Latitude/Longitude (Brooklyn)

August 25, 2007 : 2pm - 8pm
$10 admission

Artists performing works on the theme of "Animals." Curated by Slink Moss. A portion of the proceeds goes to Animal Kind.

Audio and video streamed live on free103point9 Online Radio.

Performers include:

Evolution Revolution
- From Albany Times Union: "Led by the one and only reel-to-reel tape manipulator Jason Martin, the band not only sings Martin's quirky fauna-friendly anthems, but the floating membership of musicians also regularly performs in animal costumes, too."

Dan Saxton Bunny
- From Justin Stewart review in The Wire of Bunny Brains set at "Campfire Sounds 2006" at Wave Farm: "Beefheart disciples...feral freak-act...head-scratching mindfuck circus show."

Brooklyn-based free103point9 Transmission Artists Michael Garofalo and Patrick McCarthy began performing as Latitude/Longitude in 2004. Teasing melodies out of prepared and alternately tuned guitars while electronics murmur in a nest of instrument cables at their feet, the duo weave electro-acoustic dream songs from cross-circuit chaos.

S.M.O. (Slink Moss Orchestra)
- From Mark Guarino, Daily Herald: "Moss is an enigma, with a persona more in line with voodoo wildman Screamin' Jay Hawkins and T. Rex.... Vocally, Moss is Buddy Holly without the hiccups."

Guitar Trips
- From Mike Wood in foxy digitalis: "Guitar Trips is New Yorker Doug Anson, who makes a joyful solo noise on his axe, creating bluesy, trippy sound loops with plenty of sonic paths to follow. The lo-fi, recorded in a bedroom feel adds to the richness, as if this is a series of improvs done quietly, out of sight and only for self-satisfaction."

Flaming Fire
- "Well, at least some of the kooks have stuck it out in New York City and they are in Flaming Fire, an awesomely kooky, theatrical band singing songs of biblical plagues and Egyptian sexual practices. Picture the Butthole Surfers, the Residents, the Manson Family, and the B-52s all running amok in a Kenneth Anger film."
-Meg Sneed, Vice.

- Animental is an outlet for expression in its purest form, drawing inspiration from animals. Animental explores the ideas of innate reactions and behavior of animals vs. the programmed or acceptable actions of the human animal. It hopes to empower the individual who is performing as well as transport the audience to another realm of reality. Inspiration, freedom, hope, creativity, individuality, power, and feminism are things Animental hopes to transpire. We use sound, costumes, movement, storytelling, props, lights and what ever else the participants and performers bring.

Melanie Moser
- "Adult contemporary psych."


Cabinet of Natural Curiosities

October 13, 2007 : 2pm - 8pm
$5 admission

The public component of a weekend long artist retreat including the free103point9 Transmission Artists and 2007 AIRtime residents, Radio Festival features a series of afternoon workshops and evening performances.
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