AIRtime residencies

Mar 18, 2008 4:36 am

free103point9 defines “Transmission Arts” as a conceptual umbrella that unites a community of artists and audiences interested in transmission ideas and tools. This genre encompasses a diversity of practices and media working with the idea of transmission or the physical properties of the electromagnetic spectrum. Transmission art is generally a participatory live-art or time-based art, and often manifests as radio art, video art, light sculpture, installation, and performance. The annual AIRtime application deadline is April 1.

The AIRtime residency program provides artists with valuable space in which to concentrate on new transmission works and conduct research about the genre using free103point9's resource library and equipment holdings. Ten residents are selected from an open application process each year. The residencies take place at free103point9's Wave Farm, a retreat-like setting on 30 acres in upstate New York.

AIRtime residents present their work on free103point9 Online Radio during their stay. free103point9 shares resources regarding preservation and archiving models with our residents. Artists are encouraged to archive recordings and other reproducible media with the free103point9 Study Center collection.

Ten artists (or collectives) are selected from an open application each AIRtime season. Residency durations are flexible based on the schedules of participating artists, but typically last one week. The program is active July - October. Residents are provided with a stipend of $200. Groceries and meals are provided by free103point9 as well as local transportation for supplies. One resident is on-site at a time. Both program directors are available on site during the residencies for technical assistance and critical feedback. Artists are required to archive completed works related to their residency with the study center research collections.

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