OPEN CALL: Sound works (under 1 min.) for Peter Stuyvesant's Ghost - Telephone Walk

Aug 23, 2006 3:11 pm
OPEN CALL: Sound works (under 1 min.) for Peter Stuyvesant's Ghost - Telephone Walk

Dates of Event: November 15-19, 2006. Files will be archived and after the 5 day project period.

What To Make: Digital sound files of no more than 1 minute that will be heard by the audience via calls from either pay or cell phones to an ASTERIX server

PETER STUYVESANT'S GHOST is a public art project that mixes sound art with historical and environmental research. PSG was initiated by Lise Brenner and made possible through the skills and collaborative efforts of free103point9, New York Society for Acoustic Ecology, the NY Audubon Society, the Mannahatta Project, and the St. Mark's Historical Landmarks Fund, and features the work of individual artists Michelle Nagai, Edmund Mooney, Ryan Holsopple, Melissa Bliss, Nienke Rooijjakers, and others yet to be determined.

This call is for both 'realistic' and interpretive reactions, in the form of up to one minute long sound files, to history related to the Dutch colonial period (mid-late 17th century). PSG is sited within the footprint of Peter Stuyvesant's original farm (the Great Bowerie). Today this is the East Village, between 4th Avenue and the original East River shore, and from 23rd to 4th Streets.

The question is how, through sound, to create a non-urban space in the listeners mind, if only for a few seconds. The goal is that listening to the phone messages will create an imaginative link to historical reality.

Specific Event Description for THE TELEPHONE WALK: A self-guided walk through the area of Peter Stuyvesant's farm, referring to a guide booklet created by PSG collaborators and utilizing cell or payphones to access a open-source telephony server (Asterix). The printed material will indicate routes around the farm, with specific points indicated where participants are asked to stop and call into the server. A payphone will be available at all chosen points. After making the phone call, the participant will dial the message code indicated for that particular site, thereby accessing a short (no more than 1 minute) sound file made in response to historical/topographical information provided to the artist about the site, which could include information about Dutch cows and pigs, church bells, hymns, language; memories of shops, streets, sounds of Holland; local sounds of nature (wind, birds, water, shoreline, fields, orchards, dirt road); local work sounds (blacksmiths, milking, carpentry, printing); or other information/metaphors/ideas suggested by artists.

PROCESS OF APPLICATION: Send an email describing your idea, in a TEXT ONLY SINGLE PARAGRAPH, to You will be contacted within 1-3 days.

IF ACCEPTED: The deadline for submission of completed files is NOVEMBER 1, 2006.

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