Inflorescence 2010

Jun 10, 2010 10:16 am
Site-Specific Installation and Performance Tours featuring Audio Sculptures Hung in Trees Collecting Solar Power and Blooming with Light and Sonic Tapestries via FM Transmissions

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Location: Civic Center Plaza
Installation Viewing: 4:00p - 7:00p
Tours & Artist Talks: 7:00p & 8:30
Infoline: 415.320.6685 or

Brett Ian Balogh

Inflorescence 2010 is a free site-specific sound and performance installation by artist Brett Ian Balogh. Balogh will create a composition by installing invented audio devices (“florets”) that are programmed to respond to and participate in outdoor processes. The florets are hung from Civic Center trees around the entire plaza. The florets collect solar power until sunset, when they will then “bloom” by emitting light and transmitting an impressive sonic tapestry via low-power FM transmissions.

Inflorescence 2010 asks us “What is the sound of leaves breathing, or of decaying compost?” Balogh aims to bring these natural processes to the ear. Each floret’s sensor interacts with the environment, creating an electric signal. These signals are amplified and/or used to modulate a sound producing circuit. The nature and the quality of the sounds are composed by Balogh and will be chosen to complement the surrounding soundscape.

Transmitting power will be low in order to create micro-environments that require movement and exploration by the audience. After each performance, Brett will lead an artist talk about his work..

Note: Audiences are encouraged to bring FM radios to listen to the environment created by the composition. We will also supply a limited number of radios.

INFLORESCENCE 2010 is supported in part by Meet the Composer MetLife Creative Connections Program

INFLORESCENCE 2010 is part of the Soundwave Festival ((4)), entitled GREEN SOUND running June 6 to August 13 2010. GREEN SOUND explores the natural world and environmental sustainability through innovative,  interactive and experiential performances and exhibitions by over 75  local and international musicians from across the sonic spectrum  (experimental to classical to popular music), sound artists, visual  artists and filmmakers.

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