free103point9 Online Radio January 2007 Top 40

Jan 02, 2007 5:48 pm
1. Phantom Limb & Tetuzi Akiyama, Hot Ginger (Archive)
Recorded June, 2006 at free103point9 Project Space in Brooklyn.
2. The Dust Dive Flash, Tens of Thousands (free103point9 Audio Dispatch 029)
3. Mouthus, For the Great Slave Lakes (Threelobed)
4. Eugene Chadbourne + Dave Fox, The Foxbourne Chronicle (Umbrella/Assembled)
5. Various artists, The Art of the Virtual Rhythmicon (Innova)
With Jeff Feddersen, Matthew Burtner, Janek Schaefer, Annie Gosfield, and others.
6. chefkirk, Giant Squid (804noise 006)
7. Pauline Oliveros, Lion's Eye/Lion's Tale (Deep Listening)
8. mirror/dash, "i can't be bought" (Threelobed)
9. Eloe Omoe, marauders (Animal Disguise)
10. Caustic Castle, Caustic Castle mini-CD (804noise)
11. North Guinea Hills, North Guinea Hills et. al. (self)
With Patrick McCarthy, Michael Garafalo, Laura Harrison, Sean Smith, and others.
12. Viki, compilation (Animal Disguise)
13. Edmund Mooney, Happy Trails (self)
14. Compiled by TJ Norris, triMIX: TribrydInstallation Soundtracks Deconstructed (Innova)
With Scanner, Beequeen, Humectant Interruption, M. Behrens, Asmus Tietchens, Nobukazu Takemura, Illusion of Safety, and others.
15. Jonny Farrow, Suite for Broken Rhodes/Sketches of a Cleaning Building (self)
16. Dave Burrell, Momentum (High Two)
17. Sic Alps, Pleasures and Treasures (Animal Disguise)
18. Sonic Liberation Front, Change Overtime (High Two)
19. Charter Oak, three song CD (self)
With Tianna Kennedy, Brendon Anderegg, Chris Millstein, Lucas Jansen, and Rob Hatch-Miller.
20. Gratkowski + Fox + Menestres + Davis, ORM (Umbrella Recordings)
21. FFFFs, I Can Hear Summer Coming (Sockets)
22. The Caution Curves, a little hungry (Sockets)
23. DJ Slip, She's a Time Traveller (Broklyn Beats)
24. Fortner Anderson + tape/head, he sings (Wired on Words)
25. Tor Lundvall, Empty City (Strange Fortune)
26. Vertonen, Stations (CIP)
27. Sybarite, Cut Out Shape (Temporary Residence)
28. Scanner with MCs from the New Horizon Youth Centre, Night Jam (Bette)
29. ben owen, radio in (Winds Measure Recordings)
30. Brian Groder, Torque (Latham Records)
31. Goat/Sixes/Xome, Deluxe Incinerator, a 3" Collection Featuring... (CIP)
32. Juan Matos Capote, the subway aural recordings (self)
33. Todd Merrell, Neptune (Dreamland Recordings)
34. Giancarlo Bracchi, Universal Soul Adaptor (self)
35. Fluorescent Grey, Lying on the floor mingling with god in a tijuana motel room next door to a veterinary supply store (Isolate Records)
36. Mammal, "No Hope/In the Mood" 7" (Chondritic Sound)
37. Prana Trio, After Dark (Circavision)
38. Eric Gafney, uncharted waters (Old Gold Records)
39. Sabir Mateen's Shapes, Textures, and Sound Ensemble, Prophecies Comes to Pass (577)
40. Andrey Kiritchenko, Stuffed With/Out (self)

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