Radio News: North Carolina radio towers knocked down and local NAB says it was a metal theft

Jan 16, 2023 11:40 pm

Elle Kehres reports for Radio World that two radio towers belonging to WSJS, an AM Christian broadcaster in North Carolina were brought down by vandals recently knocking the Class B station and its FM translator station off the air. Radio World explains about the stations, "WSJS is the flagship station for 'The Truth Network,' a conglomerate of 17 stations owned by Christian broadcaster Truth Broadcasting Corporation that broadcast predominantly Christian and Bible-based topics in North Carolina, Virginia, Iowa and Utah." Stu Epperson, the owner of The Truth Network, wrote this statement, “Today has been one of the toughest days of my broadcasting life … someone has destroyed several of our towers. Criminal investigation is underway. The FBI is involved since it’s a federal crime. Can’t share the details, but please pray for the person responsible to come to faith in Christ, for law enforcement and for our team as they rush to get us back on air.” The North Carolina Association of Broadcasters suggested that the tower-dropping could have been to steal precious metals, releasing a statement reading, in part, “NCAB has recently heard reports from several association members of perpetrators intentionally damaging communications towers and stealing copper from broadcast facilities/tower sites. As has been reported to us, at least three radio sites in the Triad area have been vandalized; in one instance, a tower’s guy wires were cut, leading to a tower collapsing. These recent incidents coincide with a dramatic increase in metal thefts, with copper, bronze, brass, and aluminum all being targeted, according to law enforcement.” Read the full story at Radio World.