Public Radio Makers Quest 2.0! Initiative

Oct 10, 2008 3:06 pm
Sending on behalf of Ingrid Lakey, MQ2 Talent Manager (

We've opened the gates to Public Radio Makers Quest 2.0! MQ2 is a new initiative from AIR (, the Association of Independents in Radio, that builds on public radio's 2007 Talent Quest ( This time, we want you to let us know about a brilliant producer, reporter, or sound artist you think has the potential to stretch public radio beyond current broadcast boundaries. We’ll reward 12 of the nominees with $20,000-$40,000 each to experiment. Who do you know who can most surprise us by harnessing emerging digital tools and distribution channels to give new shape to the sound of public radio? And if you have an idea we need to know about, go on and find someone to nominate you.

You'll find nomination forms, guidelines, and a profile of our illustrious Talent Committee… everything you need to take the next step with MQ2 is here (

Time is short. Nominations are due October 31 at midnight. So before you go shopping for a Sarah Palin or Barack Obama mask or begin fashioning a sheet into a spooky ghost costume, see what the excitement is all about. And do join us in this exciting pursuit.

Ingrid Lakey, Talent Manager

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