Radio Alice

Oct 12, 2007 6:29 am

From Regine in We Make Money Not Art:
Messy notes from the fascinating talk that Tatiana Bazichelli gave at City of Women, a festival running until October 13 in Ljubljana, Slovenia. Her talk was an overview of Extra Gender, the last chapter of Tatiana's book "Networking. The Net As Artwork," which gives a snapshot of the history of artistic networking in Italy, through an analysis of the realities which during the past twenty years have given way to a creative, shared and aware use of technologies, from video to computers, contributing to the formation of Italian hacker communities....She started her overview of hacktivism in the 70s with the birth of Radio Alice (studio pictured), an experience in free independent radio in Bologna. Radio Alice was also an art experiment where languages was played with and explored in a dada-ist way.

Radio Alice must have been one of the Italian free radio stations during the period in the 1970s when the Italian airwaves were largely unregulated.