OPEN CALL: Sound art (recordings and/or documentation) from New York

May 13, 2006 2:47 am
From Alexis Bhagat

Alexis Bhagat is seeking submissions of recent and historical sound art works from New York (including the greater Metropolitan area and Hudson Valley) for broadcast. Works will be presented as part of the Listening Lounge at Sarai in New Delhi in 2006, and for a subsequent radio broadcast. (More information below. See 'About') Audio Works and Documentation are welcome. Submissions for works produced anytime are welcome, but the emphasis of the Sarai Listening Lounge will be placed on works produced since 1995. The emphasis for documentation will be placed on critical public art practices involving sound. Live performance audio is welcome, but please send an email to inquire before sendi ng any video documentation of live performances.

Submissions should be sent to
302 Bedford Avenue #261
Brooklyn, NY 11211


Stereo files only, as Audio CD or uncompressed data. No limit on duration, but for works longer than 20 minutes, please select a 2-7 minute excerpt as well as the complete track.

Submissions must be accompanied by a letter including: Artist name Title Duration Distribution category Production date Exhibition / Broadcast / Performance date Exhibition / Broadcast / Performance history
Any supplemental material is welcome.

Documentation should be sent as text, hypertext or media files on CD. NO DVDs. Video files should be in mpeg format with sound. All video files over 10 minutes s hould be accompanied by a 2 minute excerpt. Print materials may accompany CDs.

Audio CDs will not be returned. Please provide a SASE if you require your documentation returned. Returns will be mailed in July 2006.

Works to be considered for the Listening Lounges must ARRIVE by January 16th, 2005. Works arriving later will be held for use in a series of radio shows on the theme, to be produced next summer. Final Deadline: July 15th, 2006.

'Sound Art in New York' will discuss precisely that. Ignoring post-war 'Electronic Music', the discussion will pick up with John Cage's composition class at New School and briefly pursue some historical threads in sonic art, including Fluxus, Intermedia, Mail Art/Cassette Networks, Acoustic Ecology, Punk Rock, Public Art, Deep Listening, Web-audio, and recent art-world exhbitions. Historical arguments will be supported by audio works. 'Sound Art in New York' will be presented as a pair of three-hour 'Listening Lounges' at the Media Lounge of Sarai in New Delhi in February 2006.
'Sound Art in New York' is part of Sophea Lerner's RadioLab at Sarai, beginning in January 2006. Sophea's RadioLab will include a number of workshops and Listening Lounges on HybridRadio and experimental audio.
The discussion in Delhi will be recorded and will be incorporated into a series of radio shows on the topic, to be produced next summer. NOTE: I will be stopping over in Paris on my return from Delhi in May 2006 and if an opportunity should present itself, I may present 'Sound Art in New York' I may present 'Sound Art in New York' in Europe as well.

Alexis Bhagat
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