OPEN CALL: Subliminal Statements 2, the Interior World

Mar 05, 2007 5:00 pm
Call for Submissions
Subliminal Statements 2: the Interior World
The Newsletter of the Society for a Subliminal State

Due April 15, 2007

Submit your articles on the interior world to the second issue of Subliminal Statements. Details follow.


The earth is hollow! It's surface is riddled with paths to the inside! We want your articles on the interior world!

An interior world lies beneath the earth's crust. Centuries of industrial mining have etched labyrinthine shafts and caverns throughout the world. Beneath it are vast cave systems, replete with underground rivers, seas, and waterfalls, where unique plant and animal life thrive.

Still deeper, the earth is hollow. A differentiated body, its interior is molten: a permeable liquid mantle encircled by a comparatively thin solid husk. At the inner edge of the earth's solid shell, crystals sublimate, mingling with pockets of pressurized gas - heated and vibrant with the light of the molten interior.

For centuries, scientists, explorers, and writers have held that this fiery core is a small, inner sun, and that the inner edge of this shell of an earth is a balmy land with a surface area greater than that of the earth's outer surface. This land, inhabited by a varied plant and animal life features seas and continents. Its geography, anthropology, and physics are the subject of hundreds of books published since the late 17th century.

Other writers theorize concentric spheres within the earth, lit and heated by a luminous substance that adheres to the outer earth's inner surface. These spheres, also populated by abundant life are accessible through wide holes at the earth's poles, where the polar ice caps give way to temperate polar seas.

The second issue of Subliminal Statements will document this interior world.
We want your evidence.


Subliminal Statements is printed on one sheet of 11 by 17 inch paper (front and back). The newsletter is printed in a newspaper format. Accordingly we will accept articles and essays written in a style befitting a newspaper: written as though reported, brief editorials, etc. Due to the scientific nature of the issue's theme, we are also accepting submissions in the form of scientific papers, charts, or other data-heavy examinations of the theme.

Photos, drawings, illustrations, or other images should accompany text submissions only, and must be able to be printed in black and white.


Text submissions should be a maximum of 1500 words, though we will accept excerpts of longer documents, and article to be published serially (please contact us if you are interested in writing a serial article for Subliminal Statements). There is no minimum length. In fact, the shorter, the better.

Submit your text as .rtf, .txt, or .doc files, your data as .xls, or .csv files, and your images as .png, .tiff, .jpeg, or .gif (8 MB max).

E-mail your submissions to with the subject line: Subliminal Statements 3 Submission.

Your submissions must be received by midnight on April 15, 2007.

If accepted, your submissions will be published in the second issue of the Society for a Subliminal State Newsletter, a newspaper-style compact format print publication, and on the Society's web site. The print version will be distributed for free to bookstores, art events, and historical centers in New York and Massachusetts. It may be downloaded and copied for wider distribution.


The Society for a Subliminal State is a fledgling organization started by Carrie Dashow and Jesse Pearlman Karlsberg. The Society for a Subliminal State agitates against the exclusive use of empirical evidence in the search for truth. It is an organization that believes there are many different types of digging that to be productively undertaken. The Society for a Subliminal State mirrors the form of a traditional historical society, contributing to the public discourse through a quarterly newsletter and a website. Subliminal Statements accepts articles on topics avoided by publications that advocate fact checking. The Society grounds itself in the belief that truth is deeper than proof, and holds that if you see it three times then that too may be the path to truth.

Visit the society's web site at
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