OPEN CALL: Delivering Digital Democracy In 60 Seconds Or Less

Jun 15, 2006 4:27 am
Call for content
"The Residents of the United States of America present
One-Minute Commercials for Democracy"
Delivering Digital Democracy In 60 Seconds Or Less

Deadline Extended: July 4th, US Independence Day
Release Date: Labor Day 2006

Communications Of Tomorrow (CommTom) announces a call for content, urging submission of socially aware, politically motivated contributions from US-based audio artists who are attentive to contemporary political conditions. The compilation will be distributed free of charge to US radio stations and public access media outlets. Submissions must be 60 seconds in duration and be free of language which would violate FCC regulations for radio airplay.

In a follow-up project to the 2004 CommTom release, "Polyphonic Voices Of Digital Dissent", which appeared on Democracy Now, Air America, and numerous radio stations across the United States, CommTom will release this next compilation to 100 targeted broadcasters across the United States. The accepted submissions will also be available for free download from the CommTom website, but will not be sold in stores. Custom packaging, designed and letterpress printed by MATTER will round out the presentation. A single copy will also be offered as compensation to contributing artists whose works are accepted for the project. Additional copies will be available to participating artists at cost.

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