OPEN CALL: ESS Artists Residency Program

Feb 25, 2007 4:37 am
The guidelines and application for the 2007 ESS Artists Residency Program in Chicago are available online at Applications cannot be made online, they must be mailed to us with the complete proposal (please see guidelines).

Experimental Sound Studio (ESS) will offer four 30- to 40-hour residencies through the 2007 Artists Residency Program (ARP). These will be scheduled between June 1 and December 21, 2007. At least three of the residencies are for Chicago area artists, and, for the first time, one residency will be open to non-Chicago US artists. Each residency includes access to the ESS recording facilities with engineering assistance. The ESS recording facilities include: one 600-sq-ft live recording studio with 16-track ProTools system, baby grand piano, isolation booth; one soundtrack, mixing, and mastering studio with ProTools and MAX-MSP/Jitter; multi-channel playback and sync-to-image capabilities; various digital and analog processors and recorders.

The purpose of the ARP is to facilitate the production of finished works that will be presented to the public, so please propose only projects that can be completed within the allotted time frame. The ESS ARP residencies are for working artists with a demonstrable commitment to ongoing cultural practice. In addition to assisting artists with an established practice involving sound — composers, audio artists, musicians, sound designers, radio producers, etc. — one aim of the ARP is to help artists with limited experience in sound to locate and work with sonic artists. To this end, ESS will assist in locating an appropriate local artist to work with any selected “non-sonic” artist if they request it. Application deadline: April 2, 2007.