OPEN CALL: European Wireless Conference papers

Sep 15, 2006 4:28 am
The sector of wireless communications is today among the most dynamic ones of our global economy, and it brings a major contribution to the latter’s performance and productivity. The extraordinary progress of wireless technologies over the past decade, and their penetration deeply into society has generated both a technology push and a user demand, which meet in the solicitation from researchers further progress and more innovation. Not only higher bandwidth, higher mobility, better QoS are required at lower costs, but also novel multimedia services in order to cope with new societal needs. The integration of a variety of radio access technologies and networks, from cellular to local and personal or body area networks, is thus in the near future projected to provide individuals in the private or professional sphere more and more ubiquitous and rich content access to a wealth of interconnected information systems.

Technical papers describing original, previously unpublished research results are solicited. Specific topics of interest include, but are not limited to, the following: Modulation and Coding for Wireless Communications; Signal Processing, Synchronization, Equalization; Communication Theory, Fundamental Limits; Radio Channel Measurements and Modelling; Antenna Issues in Wireless Communications; Smart antennas and MIMO systems; Radio Transmission Technology; Multiple Access Schemes; Multiuser detection algorithms and Theory; Interference Mitigation and Management Techniques; Wireless Broadband Mobile Access; Software Defined Radio & Re-configurability; Network Coding and Cooperative Diversity; Protocols for Air Interfaces and Networks; Transport Layer Issues in Mobile and Wireless Networks; Radio Resource Management; Ultra-Wideband Communications; Cross-layer Design in Mobile and Wireless Networks; Mobility Management and Billing Technologies; QoS and Resource Allocation in Mobile and Wireless; Networks Security and Robustness in Wireless Networks; Spectrum Efficiency Analyses; Cognitive Radio; Power Management for Small Terminals; Mobile/Wireless Networks Modelling and Simulation; 2G - 3G - 4G Migration, Evolution and Interworking; Wireless LAN/PAN/BAN; Wireless Ad-hoc Networks (MANET); Sensor Network Planning and Deployment; Convergence of 3G wireless, Brodcasting and Internet; Heterogeneity in Future Networks; Mobile and Wireless Applications; Location-based Services and Positioning; and High Altitude Platforms and Satellites.

All paper submissions will be handled electronically, following instructions found at:

All papers will be reviewed by the program committee members. Accepted papers will be published in the conference CD-ROM. The copyright will be held by VDE.
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