FFFoxy Podcast: Jackie McDowell

Feb 11, 2015: 2am- 4am
WGXC 90.7-FM: Radio for Open Ears

90.7-FM in NY's Upper Hudson Valley and wgxc.org/listen everywhere

On this episode #52 of the FFFoxy Podcast, we dug into a stack of incredible new tapes that arrived in the past few weeks and months. We’ve been giving these latest tapes from Excess, Ekin Fil, Hound Dog Taylor’s Hand, and Jackie McDowell some heavy boombox play around the FFF bunker, and the just-arrived works from Three Legged Race and Thomas DeAngelo are sure to occupy some prime deck time over the coming weeks, too. We’ve also been plunging into the two and half hours worth of primo heavy psych from Burnt Hills and their latest release Slip Through Time on Tape Drift. This is a great introduction for anyone interested in checking out what this long-running upstate NY group as been up to. We also plucked out a few older works from James Rushford & Joe Talia, Bob Drake, and Small Cruel Party that all still sound as fresh as ever to these ears. There’s plenty more, of course, but we’ll let you check ‘em out on your own. Hope you enjoy this episode (despite the overuse of “kind of” as brain dead, Sunday morning verbal filler). The Velveteens “Makin’ Signs” Sun’s Up LP (Old Blackberry Way) Constant Mongrel “New Shapes” DCM 7” (R.I. P. Society) James Rushford & Joe Talia “Battlement” Knife Culture/Buried Melbourne 2CD (Sabbatical) Excess (ft. Leighton Craig) “Pathology of a Walk” Escape From Brisbane CS (Virtual Cool) Jackie McDowell “Heralds” Language of the Birds CS (Hairy Spider Legs) Ekin Fil “Captain” Wind Is Near CS (Sacred Phrases) Gaapiiiii “Sign . . .” Sign/Stanza/Form/Scrap CS (Self-Help Tapes) (Talk break) Burnt Hills “Track 6/Disc 1” Slip Through Time 2CD-R (Tape Drift) Mountains And Rainbows “Untitled” Comp of Narf IV (Fag Tapes) Hound Dog Taylor’s Hand “Track 4” Live at the Comet Tavern CS (Eiderdown) Bob Drake “Some Accursed Things” The Skull Mailbox (and Other Horrors) CD (Crumbling Tome Archives) Time Heals Nothing “Getting What You Deserve” Time Heals Nothing CS (Always Human Tapes) Canned Fit “Fragile” Cucharas de Arena MP3 (Pan Y Rosas Discos) Beth-El “Burnt Offering” Exit Statements CS (Diskret) (Talk break) Stage Hands “The Populating of Empty Space” S/T LP (My Idea of Fun) Problems That Fix Themselves “Maximum Occupancy” Which Is Worse LP (Already Dead Tapes) Julien A. Lacroix “Elamites March” Uruk Romantic Tales #2 LP (Upside Down Recordings) Three Legged Race “Ex-Locksmith” Rope Commercial Vol. 2 (Vitrine) Russell Walker “Bud Zippo” The Thwartee CD-R (Savoury Days) T.D. “Out of Clouds” Violence As Sport CS (Crisis of Taste) Small Cruel Party “Side A/Untitled” (excerpt) Unroof the House of the Fishes LP (Harbinger Sound) (Talk break) Heather Leigh “Asenath Miragarl” Nightingale LP* (Golden Lab Records)