Sep 25, 1999: 9pm- 11pm
Northside, Williamsburg street corner

Driggs Ave. between Metropolitan Ave. and N. 4th St. | Brooklyn, NY

free103point9 and Video Lounge present "Voyeurism," an outdoor video projection in Central Williamsburg with live score performed by instrumental bands Hippopotamus and burun. The event will be microcast by free103point9, and projected on a building on Driggs Ave. between Metropolitan Ave. and N. 4th St. in Williamsburg. Bring radios with headphones to hear the soundtrack to the video projections on 103.9 FM. Event is free to the public (please stay on the sidewalk). Listeners at home on Williamsburg's Northside and close to the event may also be able to tune in to soundtrack from their homes. See www.videolounge.org for more information. Jennifer Brommer, Randi Cecchine, Carrie Dashow, Jimmy Fountain, Lilah Freedland, Gothic Productions, Jake Hartman, Matt Kohn, Kym Kulp, Ivan Lerner, Charles LoVerme, Will Rogan, Jeff Sedgley, Keith Sicat, Margot Starr Kernan, Paul Synnott, James Tully, Jason Wilson, Zhang Ga and others created the "Voyeurism"-themed videos that will be projected. In addition, the Video Lounge will host a party with several DJs including Nick Zinner (Yeah, Yeah, Yeahs, Challenge of the Future) afterwards at a nearby location.