Stubblefield's Black Box: An Intricate Game of Position

Nov 12, 2004 - Dec 10, 2004
free103point9 Project Space + Gallery (1997-2006)

97 South 6th Street | Brooklyn, NY 11211 | 718-599-5955

Tianna Kennedy's Stubblefield's Black Box: An Intricate Game of Position show Friday, November 12 through Dec. 10, 2004. " intricate game of position—a game that unfolds among far-flung bodies, for the most part unknown to each other...." --Gregory Whitehead

Tianna Kennedy will broadcast from the black box Friday, Nov. 12 at 9 p.m. A party will follow. Participants will receive the broadcast and respond in their chosen medium. Throughout the duration of the show, during gallery hours (Tuesday nights 6-10 p.m.) Kennedy will continue her broadcast, and will accept and install participant responses in person. If a participant is unable to visit during the scheduled hours, Kennedy will accept documentation of responses to be sent to the free103point9 Brooklyn mailing address (free103point9, 302 Bedford Ave., Box 261, Brooklyn, NY 11211). These will be displayed, played, and used as well. There will be a closing party Friday, Dec. 10 to review and celebrate all participants' contributions. In this exercise, Kennedy hopes to demonstrate that sound will always be a practice as well as a representation. Kennedy is interested in furthering the idea of a praxical transmission, which would occasion vast networks of communication and participation and which would be inextricably bound up with uniqueness, plurality and action. Tianna hopes that by participating in this game we are in some small way participating in the deconstruction of the dominant one-way-broadcast radio paradigm, because we are no longer listeners, but actors in the performance. She also hopes to promote a non- hierarchic/distributed approach to art(and politics)making, and to generate a small space of camaraderie in an environment of complexity and disequilibrium.