Wave Farm Artist-in-Residence: Abinadi Meza

Jun 13, 2023 - Jun 22, 2023
Abinadi Meza Portrait

Abinadi Meza Portrait.

Surrounded by Colors We Could No Longer See will explore the sounds of electromagnetic waves and radio frequencies emitted by natural forces and our built environment, such as ultraviolet light, infrared light, very low frequencies, visible spectrum light, lightning phenomena, etc. At Wave Farm, Meza will engage with “colors” of sound, noise, and waves in order to compose new experimental sound works for installation and transmission.

Abinadi Meza is a Latinx-Indigenous artist and filmmaker living in the occupied ancestral territory of the Tonkawa, Lipan-Apache, Karankawa, Comanche, and Coahuiltecan people. Meza studied art, creative writing, and architecture; he primarily makes experimental films, sound works, and installations, often using transitory or precarious materials - found footage, hand-painted film, field recordings, radio waves, glass, found materials, and objects. His sound works have been presented at Contemporary Arts Museum, Houston; Deep Wireless Festival of Radio & Transmission Art, Toronto; Helicotrema Festival, Venice; Lisbon Architecture Triennale; MAXXI, Rome; Radio Amnion, London; Radio Kinesonus, Tokyo; Radiophrenia, Glasgow; Radius FM, Chicago; and Walker Art Center, Minneapolis among other places. Meza teaches in the Interdisciplinary Practices & Emerging Forms MFA program in the School of Art at the University of Houston.