Triangulation: Frequencies satellite show

Feb 06, 2007: 7pm- 11pm
free103point9 Project Space + Gallery (1997-2006)

97 South 6th Street | Brooklyn, NY 11211 | 718-599-5955

Weekly "Triangulation" show from Radio Ruido at the free103point9 Project Space. Co-curated with Marie Evelyn. This week the doors are open to the public for a show that is part of the "frequencies" show at the Black & White Gallery in Brooklyn.

The Holy Experiment
Brooke Gillespie

Skeletons +The Kings of All Cities
As a co-founding member of Shinkoyo records, Ohio-bred/Brooklyn-based Matt Mehlan retains that label’s core ideals of collaboration, experimentation, and unpredictability with his Skeletons project. Beginning in Oberlin, Ohio as a solo act with help from an eclectic cast of collaborators (classically-trained trombonists, punk rock drummers, a junkyard boy's choir).

Mialessot and Old Ghost

DJ Mangoon
Interstitial sounds.

Audio/video web stream begins 7 p.m., performances begin at 8 p.m. at Other "frequencies" contributors include: Ahnfinod, Amy Bagwell, Blaise Siwula, Brian Osborne, Cakes of Light, Cake Shop, Carolina Caycedo, Carrie Villines, Chris Lawson, Coloursounds (Adam Kriney), Daniel Carter, Deborah Johnson, Diana Nowitsky, Drayton Sawyer Gang, Dysrhythmia, the eASTERN sEABOARD, Extra Life (Charlie Looker), free103point9, Ganung Sari, George Steeltoe Ensemble, Glasslands, Goodbye Blue Monday (Steve Trimboli), Gregory Reynolds, Hundred Eyes, ID M Theftable, James Smith, Jason Ajemian, Jason Smallwood, Jay Dunbar, Jen Campbell, Jim Wright, John Mitchell, Jordanna Kalman, Jordon & Marie, Jordon Schranz, Joy Kennedy, Julianna Barwick, Kate Henderson, The KillMeTrio, Lara Kohl, Lauren Luloff, Lay All Over It, Magnets for Teeth, Maria Chavez, Marie Evelyn, Matt Hart, Matt Mottel, Matt Varvil, Mercat, Mike Pride, Mothguts, Nate Plotkin, Necking, Orbis Tertius, Pendu Sound Recordings (Todd Brooks), Quaker Meeting, QUIVERS, Raven's Den, Rebecca Clemencia Adams, Robert Whitman, ROTC, Serge FJ Levey, Shawn L. Smith, Sparks, Spin-17, Stanley Ruiz, Talibam!, The Tank @ Collective:Unconscious, This Frontier Needs Heroes, Tianna Kennedy, Todd Rosenbaum, Tom Vanderwall, Tony Miller, The Tooth / Houndstooth, Travis Laplant, Tyler Baum, Unicornicopia, Violence Jazz, Violent Raid (M.V. Carbon), and Who Cares How Long You Sink.

These are the artists -- they're in bands, performing and recording their own music. They run their own labels with a focused aesthetic not based on a throw-away capitalist society. They fashion their cover art in celebration of the unique, handmade object. They run clubs, venues, and performance spaces, cultivating audiences peripheral to the corporate-run industry. They play music that lies outside the perimeter, expanding and challenging notions of sound, composition, and performance. They make videos, curate and promote concerts, and run independent radio stations. They create the clothes and the posters. They build the stage. They make it happen.

Frequencies is about connectedness -- a scene, a community.

Frequencies is an experiential and holistic exhibition which captures facets of the DIY community and extends outside the physical bounds of the gallery -- referencing both "public art" and "life as art" movements. It questions the artist-viewer vs. musician-audience relationships, and thus the cognitive division between visual art and music, gallery and rock venue. The gallery interior will be visually and functionally converted into an experimental music space; and over twenty performances will take place within and outside the gallery throughout the month, further blurring the division between staged performance and living art. These additional venues -- including Goodbye Blue Monday, Cake Shop, Glasslands, free103point9 Project Space, The Tank @ Collective:Unconscious, The Tooth, and Raven's Den -- will serve both as galleries and as concrete manifestations of the intangible music community.

Frequencies is artist Jordon Schranz's curatorial debut, which was inspired by the culmination of experiences and people encountered during five years of touring and performing within the avant-rock and free-jazz scenes. He owes much to his partnership with artist/musician Marie Evelyn, and to Steve Trimboli of Goodbye Blue Monday -- who have helped greatly in the conceptualization and creation of this show.

"Memory Fountain," site-specific installation by Michael Dominick, will continue in the outdoor space.

Watch video of Mialessot and Old Ghost performance at this show below.