Radio Content In The Digital Age

Oct 14, 2009 - Oct 16, 2009
The Cyprus University of Technology and the ECREA Radio Research Section organize the international conference “Radio Content in the Digital Age to take place in Limassol (Cyprus) October 14-16, 2009. Maria Papadomanolaki (Transmission Art Archive Co-editor & NYC Public Programs Assistant) will present a paper about microradio and alternative and creative ways of radiomaking in the context of installation and performance art. CONFERENCE TOPICS

Over the past decade, developments in technology have dramatically broadened the range of options for programming audio. The revolution began in the mid-1990s with a newfound ability to listen to audio being streamed over the Internet. Since then, digital radio has continued to expand with the advent of podcasting, offering radio programming on demand, and the rollout of different digital transmission systems, which provide superior sound quality and additional stations on and outside the traditional FM and AM wavebands.

What are the main characteristics of today’s radio content? How does radio programming differ around Europe and in other countries? How is radio content, both programming and genre, changing through new and emerging technology?"


Radio content in Europe and in other countries

* Characteristics
* Formats (music, speech, community, commercial, public service radio)
* Genre
* Main and Specific programs (Radio drama, experimental radio program, broadcast journalism etc).

University and alternative – community radio content

* Characteristics
* Genre
* Educational Mission
* Broadcasting goals in the digital age

Radio content and new communication technology environment

* New Technologies
* Web – radios specific formats
* Sound Art
* Techniques and methodologies for digitization
* Podcasts
* Other audio media

Radio Audiences in the digital era

* The radio network society
* Blogging
* Web radio audiences
* University radio audiences