4:33pm_Michelle Nagai "Untitled Sit"

Feb 10, 2007: 12am- 11:59 pm
Gigantic ArtSpace

59 Franklin St. | Manhattan, NY 10013

Live performance series as part of [silence] show at Gigantic ArtSpace [GAS]. Performances at 4:33 p.m. on Saturdays at the Manhattan gallery, streamed live on free103point9 Online Radio.

Untitled Sit: Watch Your Baby Not the Clock
Untitled Sit is the generic label for a series of compositions originally devised for performance in private homes. Each work is centered around the presence of a still and silent seated figure, the composer. Audience members are invited to join the composer in sitting. While the composer does follow a precise and unique score for each performance, no visible or audible performance act takes place. Instead, there is a free-form exchange of sensory information encouraged between performer, viewer and environment. The score for Untitled Sit: Watch Your Baby Not the Clock draws on Nagai's current occupation as a new mother.

Brooklyn-based composer Michelle Nagai utilizes sound, physicality and concept to create site-specific performances, installations, radio broadcasts, dances, walks and other interactions that address the human state in relationship to its setting. These works and activities explore the exchange of perception between performer and audience/viewer. Nagai recognizes transmission, reception and “limbo” as continuously shifting, highly interactive states of being. She engages these states in her working process in order to open up the field of perception and action beyond that which she is herself capable of comprehending, making or doing.

Gigantic ArtSpace [GAS] and free103point9 are pleased to present [silence], a exhibition focused on artists' uses of and responses to silence - as manifested in sculpture, in installation, in composition, in works on paper, and in time-based practices. The works on view address the futility of the chase, the beauty of absence, and the rich potential of an empty signal. Works from: Matthew Burtner, Jeroen Diepenmaat, Michael Graeve & Christoph Dahlhausen, Pablo Helguera, Douglas Henderson, Pierre Huyghe, Tarikh Korula & Tianna Kennedy, David La Spina, LoVid, Juan Matos Capote, Lee Ranaldo, Douglas Repetto, Michelle Rosenberg, Stephen Vitiello, and James Woodfill. Curated by Dylan J. Gauthier and Galen Joseph-Hunter. Opening reception: Wednesday, January 31, 6-9 pm at Gigantic Art Space, 59 Franklin Street, New York, NY 10013.
Opening night performances from Mathew Burtner 7 & 8 pm. With Ian Epps, Aaron Halley, Tom Mulligan, and Jeremy Slater.
Sound program: A Call for Silence, curated by Nicolas Collins. Courtesy Sonic Arts Network.
Saturday performance series: 4:33 pm featuring Michelle Nagai (2/10), Michael Graeve with Tianna Kennedy (2/17), and 31 Down (2/24).

Click here for more information about the exhibition [silence].