False Rosetta release show

Dec 14, 2007: 8pm- 11:59 pm
Front Room Gallery

147 Roebling St. | Brooklyn, NY 11211 | 718-782-2556

False Rosetta Image (AD032)

False Rosetta Image (AD032) . Radio Ruido, 7" Dispatch Series release (Feb 19, 2008)

False Rosetta Release Show Flyer

False Rosetta Release Show Flyer. The Front Room Gallery. Radio Ruido (Dec 14, 2007)

Record release show for Radio Ruido's "False Rosetta" double 7" single, part of the free103point9 Audio Dispatch Series (AD032). Performances from DJ Pause, North Guinea Hills, and Damian Catera + Radio Ruido remixing "False Rosetta" at the Front Room Gallery in Brooklyn. Radio Ruido's second 7" single project is a double 7" homage to shortwave numbers stations.