Wave Farm Artist-in-Residence: Rami George and J. Midden

Sep 23, 2022 - Oct 02, 2022
Rami George and J. Midden Portrait

Rami George and J. Midden Portrait. Courtesy the artists. (Mar 30, 2022)

Virtues Vol. 2 is the second volume in a three-part series of EPs sonically interpreting a group of esoteric line drawings produced by the Samaritan Foundation—a new age spiritual cult Rami’s family was involved with in the early 1990s. Primarily working with found and manipulated audio sources, Rami & J. will use their time at Wave Farm to explore the possibilities of incorporating broadcast—a technology the Samaritan Foundation was deeply distrustful of—into this project. Among other strategies, they plan to collect field recordings from around the farm, re-recording them via broadcast at different frequencies and distances. They will also work towards a two-hour radio broadcast that incorporates elements of Virtues Vol. 1, as well as remixes from a forthcoming project (Virtues Vol. 1—Remixed & Reinterpreted), primary source recordings from the community, work in progress, and audio from video essays created exploring this group and the lasting impact on Rami’s family. This will mark the duo’s first time collaborating in person, previously only working remotely.

Rami George is an interdisciplinary artist currently based on Lenape land in what is now called Philadelphia. They have exhibited and screened broadly and remain motivated by political struggles and fractured narratives. ramigeorge.com

J. Midden is a musician and sound artist. His work explores questions about identity, uncertainty, and forgiveness. It has been described by The Quietus as “all-consuming” as well as “a banquet of the bizarre and beautiful” by the UK Press Association. He is currently based on unceded lands of the Clakamas, Cowlitz, and Confederated Tribes of the Grande Ronde in what is now called Portland, Oregon. jmidden.com