Cafe Chronogram: Tom Roe/Jason Broome

Sep 08, 2007: 8pm- 10pm
Muddy Cup

410 Main St. | Catskill, NY

Performances for Cafe Chronogram from Chronogram magazine. Performances streamed live on free103point9 Online Radio.

Tom Roe
Tom Roe is a sound transmission artist sometimes known as DJ Dizzy. He co-founded online/microradio station free103point9 in Brooklyn and the Wave Farm, a 30-acre facility in Acra that serves as a study center, retreat, and avant-music performance site. Roe performs with transmitters and receivers using multiple bands, as well as prepared CDs, vinyl records, and various electronics. He creates radio soundscapes using locally available frequencies, often to the beat of manipulated pop song samples.

Jason Broome
Singer-songwriter and frequent Chronogram contributor Jason Broome has performed and recorded with the independent rock bands the Westport Sunrise Sessions, Tulula, and Gilding the Lily, all of whom have released recordings on his Diablo Dulce label. He has toured Europe and the US, contributed to film and TV soundtracks, and performed to raise money for a variety of charity and advocacy organizations. Perhaps described as avant-Americana, Broome's approach blends rootsy sounds with acerbic experimentalism.

Thomas Jack Hilton
Transplanted Texan Thomas Jack Hilton has also contributed often to Chronogram; as a talented photographer. But his flair for the lens is only one of his many artistic talents: In addition to also being an accomplished painter and illustrator, using found objects Hilton creates beautifully strange and striking sculptures that bring to mind the work of French Dadaist Marcel Duchamp and American installation artists Edward and Nancy Reddin Kienholz. He has a sculpture in this show.