Audio Buffet: Ende Tymes XI (Audio)

Apr 04, 2020
Produced by Bob Bellerue.

This durational broadcast, created by Bob Bellerue, celebrates the artists originally scheduled for the 2020 edition of Ende Tymes XI: A Festival of Noise and Liberation. More information about this broadcast will be available soon. For a sneak peak of the artists to be featured, and to find the most current information about a new date for the festival visit

Seraphim, Hypertrophy, Blind Date, VX Bliss, Carbus, Weisblat Meehan McCowen, Brian Chase, Marcia Bassett & Bob Bellerue, Sunk Heaven, Gyna Bootleg, Utopia Brigade, Kjostad, January Hunt & Octonomy, Matt Luczak, Andrea Pensado, Band, Yuki Moriyama, Christian Mirande, Jim Haynes, Sour Spirit, Street Rat, John Duncan, Whitey Alabastard, Human Fluid Rot, Years Of Dust, Stress Orphan, Eel Tank, Sibling, Bobb Hatt, Imminent Death, JoAnn McNeil, CK Barlow, Chelsea Bridge, Jen Kutler, Magnetic Coroner, Scathing, Spirit Plate, Yousuke Fuyama, Divorce Ring, Regression with Spykes (in Wolf Eyes w/ Aaron Dilloway), Saturn and the Sun, Neuter, Gnawed, Kyle Flanagan, and Kudzu