WGXC Live: Almost Bloomsday (Audio)

Jun 15, 2019
A community reading of James Joyce’s Ulysses presented by Wave Farm’s WGXC. Follow along with the program notes while listening. Spend 24 hours in Dublin with James Joyce. Hear what Molly Bloom really thinks about the antics of the men in her life. Discover what Leopold Bloom and Blazes Boylan have in common. Find out if Stephen Dedalus is really James Joyce. Curated by George Spencer. Music hosted by Thomas Carlo Bo. Scheduled to participate (in reading order): Chris Funkhouser, Hollis Seamon, Jamie Stiller, Donna Moylan, Brad Lohrenz, Nicholas Haylett, Thomas Carlo Bo, Alanna Medlock, Thatcher Keats, David Smith, Steve Patterson, Dominique Nahas, Laurence Earner, Heather Lloyd, Wendy Spielmann, Tim Gerard Reynolds, Gordon Scarritt, Brian Olewnick, Susan Jennings, Claudia Bruce, Linda Mussmann, and Elisabeth Henry.