Candacy Taylor discusses "Counter Culture." (Audio)

Jun 04, 2012
Hosted by Sara Kendall, Melinda Braathen, and Noah Reibel.
Candacy A. Taylor is a photographer, cultural critic, and writer - and the author of Counter Culture, a multi-media project which profiled waitresses aged 50 and older who have been working in neighborhood diners throughout the United States. According to Taylor’s website, “The Waitress project features women who have been dishing out everything from eggs to insults for up to 60 years." Candacy also talks about her new project -- recording the stories of long-time beauticians and the "free spaces" their beauty shops are for women, and for communities of color. Candacy is still looking to connect with life-long beauticians and salons that serve as cultural institutions in their neighborhoods: you can learn more about her work at , Taylor-Made: Capturing Culture One Story at a Time.