Ginger Radio Hour: Black Holes (Audio)

May 02, 2023

According to physicist Janna Levin: "Black holes are nothing. Black holes are special because there's nothing there. There is no thing there." Sounds special indeed, but also lonely. So we've made a playlist for all the black holes across the universe.

Host Justin Maiman, from Cairo, shares his latest inspirations on the "Ginger Radio Hour." The show features music, field recordings, performances, and interviews, primarily with people in and around the Catskill Mountains of New York live from WGXC's Acra studio.

  • Hello Operator / The White Stripes
  • More / Low
  • John Ashbery Takes a Walk / SQÜRL
  • Strange Things Happen Every Day / Sister Rosetta Tharpe
  • Er Ra / Alice Coltrane
  • Hidden Place / Bjork
  • Segue To Infinity / Laraaji
  • Sagittarius A*, in Multiwavelength Light (X-ray /Mid IR/Near IR/EHT) / Chandra Labs
  • Descent Into Madness / Flying Lotus
  • In The Darkest Place / Elvis Costello
  • Space Mates / Sun Ra and His Arkestra
  • Juliet Of The Spirits / The B-52's
  • The Rip Tide / Beirut
  • Aurora / Tonto's Expanding Head Band