Specific Objects: Kimberly Alidio (Audio)

Apr 25, 2024
Hosted by Miriam Atkin.

On this month's edition of "Specific Objects: Talks on Art in the Catskills," host Miriam Atkin speaks with Kimberly Alidio, a Catskill-based poet, essayist, historian, and teacher. We discuss Kimberly's summer 2023 book of poems, Teeter (Nightboat), and the essay she wrote about it, "On Being Porous," which was recently published in e-flux journal. The show concludes with a reading of "Dread Poem," which is part of Kimberly's forthcoming book, slated for release in 2025.

Specific Objects is a monthly freeform discussion, hosted by Miriam Atkin, that invites artists from a variety of disciplines to describe, ponder, interrogate, interpret, and celebrate their current projects. The focus is on guests who live and work in the Hudson Valley/Catskills region, though people will occasionally visit from farther afield. Tune in to learn what artists in your neighborhood are thinking and making right now.

Miriam Atkin is a Catskills-based writer whose work concerns the possibilities of poetry as a medium in conversation with avant-garde film, music, and dance. She is cofounder of Pinsapo, an international publishing collective, and teaches writing around the Hudson Valley region, at Bard College and the Otisville Correctional Facility.

Intro music: "Sing Out" by Joanna Mattrey