Radius Sketchpad Series: Art of Failure (Audio)

Jul 23, 2011
Audio Archive

Sketchpad Series is a monthly program on WGXC 90.7-FM presented by the Chicago-based project, Radius. June 2011 featured Art of Failure's 8 Silences, as is followed by the extraordinary playlist of canonical sound and transmission works.

About 8 Silences: "8 Silences, part of Art of Failure’s Laps Series, offers a sensible representation of the Internet by broadcasting audio streams that travel and reverberate trough the web. In the style of encephalography, this empirical sound process gives substance to an unstable and intangible digital space. Initially silent, the streams progressively incorporate an infinity of transformations or “errors” that modify the sound as it circulates the network. These alterations are comparable to a form of erosion caused by the network space - they are a key to allow different mental representations of this digital topography. Presented as a live performance, 8 silences is a sound immersion in the heart of data flows.

Episode 04 premiered at the exhibition Bricoleurs at the Independent Media Center in association with the 2011 Boneyard Arts Festival in Urbana, IL, USA."