Making Waves: Soundscapes of Algonquin Park and Warbler's Roost (Audio)

May 13, 2017

Last weekend Wave Farm featured dawn chorus recordings from around the world as part of Reveil 2017. NAISA in South River also participated in Reveil with a 24 hour broadcast of the soundscape from Warbler's Roost, a rural property 22 km west of South River. This show features a recording that condenses the 24 hour period prior to the Dawn Chorus time-frame, which this year was dominated by rain. The first half of Making Waves consists of a lecture by Matthew Rogalsky and Laura Cameron from Queen's University in Kingston, Ontario. Their talk recorded at NAISA North Media Arts Centre discusses the work of WH Gunn, a pioneering sound recordist from the 1950's and 60's who recorded soundscapes in Algonquin Park, which has an access point 22 KM east of South River. Gunn published those recordings as a form of advocacy and education and the recordings included in this lecture were published under the title "A Day in Algonquin Park."