Making Waves: Julia White and Laurel MacDonald (Audio)

Oct 09, 2021
Produced by New Adventures in Sound Art

Today’s episode features discussions with visual artist Julia White and singer-composer-video artist Laurel MacDonald. Both artists are from NAISA’s SOUNDplay festival. Julia White uses sound recordings of creaks and other small water ways in her exhibition called WATER Shadows. The subject of water weaves through different aspects of this work, which is also informed by her practice in deep listening. Laurel MacDonald’s artistic development began in both visual arts and music. After establishing herself as a vocalist and composer she began creating video works combining abstract imagery with her vocal music. Her conversation with host Darren Copeland focuses on her latest audio-visual piece called "I Eat the Stars" which explores the poetry of astronomer Rebecca Elson and will be performed on Nov 6. Visit to learn more about both of these artists.