Mike Bullock and Zach Poff (Audio)

May 29, 2021
Interviewed by Darren Copeland.

This special 90 minute episode features interviews with artists who operate permanent open microphone livestreams that were included in the Reveil broadcasts of daybreak that happened four weeks ago on the first weekend in May. The first hour of the show features Zach Poff who created the Pond Station livestream that continually broadcasts underwater sound from a spring-fed pond that is located on the Wave Farm property. It can be heard online or on the radio at 1620 AM in the vicinity of the Wave Farm in Acra. My discussion with Zac started with the topic of bat sounds, which is an interest shared with Mike Bullock who is featured in the last half hour of the show. Mike Bullock operates an open microphone livestream from his home in Florence, Massachusetts. An open microphone livestream is similar to a webcam except it streams audio rather than video from the environment. You can hear Mike Bullock’s stream online and listen to examples at the Ears in Space website.