Catskill Cabin Conversations: Lauren Beale (Audio)

Feb 21, 2019
Lauren Beale is a Hudson Valley native through and through. Born and raised in Hyde Park, she spends a lot of her time exploring the Valley but also frequently travels throughout the country and around the world. In addition to adventure, Lauren is passionate about supporting the people in her community, working for Hudson Valley Community Services, a local nonprofit that assists people struggling with chronic health conditions. She has been very involved in spiritual ministry in the Hudson Valley, and is currently is a worship leader and Bible study leader at Reach Out Church in Hyde Park. When she’s not playing music for church, Lauren loves relaxing at her piano and writing new songs; she also enjoys dabbling in photography. In a nutshell: Adventure is Lauren's middle name. People are her passion. Faith is her driving force. Music is her obsession. And she can seldom be found without a cozy beverage (be it coffee, tea, or wine) by her side. On each show, invited guests are asked to discuss a number of items that they would take with them to their Catskill Cabin get-away. As Mike and Andy discuss their chosen items, it is intended that you, the listener, will enjoy getting to know each guest that little bit better.