The Machinery of Doom (Live at Day of Noise 2012) (Audio)

Nov 01, 2021
Created by Voice of Doom (2012). Introduced by Andy Stuhl.

In Joseph Brenner’s (whose radio air name is the Voice of Doom) long-running sound art project The Machinery of Doom, influences from industrial and avant-garde music materialize in sets of found objects that he suspends from tree-like metal frames in the broadcast studio. These are animated and amplified by equipment from around the radio station, including electric fans as well as microphones. In 1995, the Machinery of Doom became an anchor for the first annual Day of Noise, a 24-hour continuous live experimental sound performance event that Brenner organized, engineered, and hosted on community FM station KZSU Stanford. The recording you’re about to hear is from the 2012 revival of Day of Noise, for which Brenner and his machinery returned to the station in a characteristic pre-dawn performance slot. - Introduced by Wave Farm Radio Artist Fellow 2021/2022, Andy Stuhl.