Resonance (Audio)

Jan 01, 1995
Created by Sam Auinger and Bruce Odland
A fascinating series of short sonic compositions that make the hidden hearable. Works include: (1) Rome: Traffic Mantra—"In an installation in the Trajan Forum, three Roman amphorae were used as resonators to transform the sounds of passing cars, busses, trucks, and motorcycles into melodic pools of harmonics. A microphone inside sent the real-time sound to a solar powered planet speaker placed in the archway over an old Roman road." And, (2) Yampa—"On a rafting trip down the Yampa River in Colorado we collected oar strokes, and many types of wind, through the interface of a small wind harp." (the artists) Uniquely expressive sound-music, with commentary by Bruce Odland, edited and produced by Regine Beyer.