Nov 22, 2021
Created by Robinson Ricardo Iamuuri (2021). Introduced by Andy Stuhl.

“Blackbody” refers to a specific type of structure – a cast iron cube with a single hole pointed toward the sun – that artist Ricard Iamuuri Robinson designed and sonically manipulated during a 2021 artist residency with Wave Farm. Putting the sounds collected from two Blackbodies into relation with excerpts from The Sunscreen Conspiracy (a recording project under the moniker La’vender Freddy), Robinson also added audio samples from interviews and broadcast programs to produce a composition that puts concepts including racism, freedom, sound, astrophysics, colonialist anthropology, and climate crisis into a surprising and unsettling orbit around a solar drone backdrop. Explaining that the title makes reference to Frantz Fanon’s 1952 book Black Skin, White Masks, Robinson describes the work as aiming to “reveal and translate a correlation between the life of the Sun and the struggle against forces determined to destroy it.” - Introduced by Wave Farm Radio Artist Fellow 2021/2022, Andy Stuhl.