Tracking the Odds: Qwanqwa and Hear in Now Expanded (Audio)

May 27, 2024
Produced by Roulette Intermedium.

“Weaving Strands of Sound from Addis to Chicago” is a collaborative project between the Ethiopia-based QWANQWA and Hear in Now Expanded (Tomeka Reid, cello; Silvia Bolognesi,bass; yuniya edi kwon,violin; Chad Taylor, drums). Upon meeting in Addis Ababa, Tomeka Reid and QWANQWA violinist Kaethe Hostetter conspired to combine their worlds of tradition and experimentalism. The Hear in Now ensemble shares their experience with downtown improvisation (Butch Morris, Anthony Braxton) while the Ethiopian group adds scales and rhythms from their traditions with swirling masinko (one-stringed fiddle), wah-wah violin, bass krar grooves, the heavy riffs of goat skin kebero beats, and powerful melismatic lead African diva vocals (Selamnesh Zemene Taye). Presented at Roulette in April 2024.