Catskill Cabin Conversations: Kyle Shay (Audio)

Aug 20, 2020
Produced by Mike Porter and Andy Reid.
Kyle Shay is a graduate of the Rochester Institute of Technology and works for Dropbox in San Francisco. He lives in Oakland with his wife Jenna and his two cats, Chip and Dip. Born in Germany to American parents, he traveled often in his childhood, living in many locations throughout Europe and Asia.

Shay is a bicycle fanatic. He believes bikes address a number of socio-economic and environmental issues and has used his bicycle as his primary mode of transportation since college when he biked through snow and slush to RIT campus. He has been an activist for bicycle safety and access, demonstrating for safe city biking in San Francisco and volunteering as a bicycle mechanic for a non-profit that provides free bicycles to people in need of transportation.

In the realm of technology, Shay is interested in internet security and privacy, and rights to access to internet services. Protests organized by Shay is 2009 led to Time Warner Cable ending their plans to enact pricing tiers and internet usage caps.

Shay started an open source project in 2015 with the aim of demonstrating an alternative model for internet companies. Tired of the state of innovation in Silicon Valley which has come to rely more on investors and marketing than novel ideas that solve problems, he launched a product using an open source model.

Outside of work, Shay enjoys hikes, plant identification, programming generative computer art, attending electronic music events, hanging out with his cats, and cooking spicy vegetarian food.