Maria Chavez on Triangulation (Audio)

Jan 29, 2024
Created by Maria Chavez (2007). Introduced by Desiree Mwalimu-Banks.

Avant-garde sound-sculpturist Maria Chavez broadcasts live as a guest-turntablist on June 5, 2007 for Radio Ruido's Triangulation. This weekly show streamed live from free103point9's* online radio studio at 338 Berry Street, Brooklyn, NY. Triangulation, which focused on presenting a live weekly forum for experimental sound cultures, featured solo and collaborative radio projects piloted by artist Tmm Mulligan aka Radio Rudio.

Maria Chavez opens with a series of combination tones that call to ear extraordinary space events. Tuning in is like dialing up the WOW radio signal detected by SETI on 8/15/1977, via Oklahoma’s “Big Ear” Radio Telescope, or like decoding the audio from the Voyager Golden Records sent into space for extraterrestrial viewing by NASA in 1977. Chavez's broadcast is an improvisational buffet of divergent sound including a bluesy excerpt from Jeff Beck’s People Get Ready ballad, a German radio play circa 1918, and a traditional Mexican-American Corrido (or Tragedia). Chavez brings a tender gathering of folk memories to the edges of her legendary turntablist practices, in which instructional audio by a veterinarian/psychologist, unassuming whole notes, expositions on restlessness and sensuousness, No-Wave, 90’s hip-hop, slow disco, and funk tunes are chipped away and broken down in an electronic loop of seeming anthropomorphic textures, moving back and forth along an inter-dimensioning galactic timeline, offering a hearty plate of exponential growth and decay. - Introduced by Wave Farm Radio Art Fellow Desiree Mwalimu-Banks.